The advantages of Bartlett Sunblinds:

  • Cool your home by up to 15 degrees
  • Save on air-conditioning bills
  • Offer UV protection to your furnishings and carpets
  • Protect and add value to your home

Well known as a manufacturer of Sun Blinds and Awnings, Bartlett have moved forward with many changes in colour and styles of solid and mesh fabrics. Bartlett Blinds are one of the most experienced manufacturers of external blinds in Australia, Providing exceptional quality and service Australia wide for over 50 years.

Bartlett Blinds supplies through our extensive group of Authorised Bartlett Blinds agents Australia wide. Our product is made using only the best quality materials. We are committed to giving you the best service and after sales support possible. No matter what the application, Bartlett Blinds have a product to suit your needs with a range of Mesh Blinds, Canavs Blinds or Clear & Tinted PVC Blinds.

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Automatic Sunblinds

The most common of the sunblind designs, the automatic blind operates on guides, allowing the blind to be easily adjusted. Automatic blinds are available in a range of arm lengths to suit any style of home or application.

Available in Mesh, Acrylic and Canvas Fabrics

Fixed Guide Blinds

The fixed guide blind is ideal for upper story applications. The blinds operate on guide bars which are permanently fixed. This blind lends itself particularly well to motorisation which allows you to move your awnings up and down with the ease and convenience of just pressing a button. Ropes and pulleys can be a pain of the past!

Available in Mesh, Acrylic and Canvas Fabrics

Straight Drop Geared Blinds

Straight Drop Geared blinds are ideal for protecting outdoor entertaining areas from the elements, creating an extra room in the home. A premium style of blind, this style is easily operated using a crank handle and can also me motorised. This style can be made with zips and flaps to maximise protection.

Available in Clear and Tinted Plastic, Mesh, Acrylic and Canvas Fabrics

Spring Straight Drop Blinds

Spring Loaded Straight drop blinds are an alternative to verandah blinds. These blinds are great to cover in verandahs, patios and pergolas. The spring loaded straight drop sunblind is available in canvas and woven mesh (woven mesh pictured). Straight drop blinds protect outdoor entertaining areas from the elements creating an extra room in the home.

Available in Mesh, Acrylic and Canvas Fabrics

Bow Florentine & Dutch Hood Canopies

Bow and dutch awnings provide protection to doors, entrances and windows for the home or business. For business applications these awnings are ideal for advertising your logo or business message. Custom made in a variety of shapes to suit any application, canopies provide protection from the elements

Available in Acrylic Fabrics

Wire Guide Blinds

Wire Guide Blinds add that little bit of luxury. This style of blind operates on guide wires which are tensioned and permanently fixed. The Wire Guide Blind lends itself particualrly well to motorisation which allows you to move your blinds up and down with the ease and convenience of just pressing a button. Ropes and pulleys can be a pain of the past. 

Available in Mesh & Acrylic Fabrics

MOTORISATION 5 Year Warranty

Bartlett Blinds Motor Warranty available for Fixed Guide Blinds, wire Guides, Panel Blinds and Folding Arme Awnings.

1 or 5 channel remote control, Full range of sun and wind sensors available.

Fabric Range


Canvas has traditionally been the most popular fabric used for sunblinds. With 100% block out and long lasting reputation canvas is the number one choice to block out the sun. Bartlett Blinds use quality Australian made canvas. Our canvas blinds range has a vast array of colours and designs to choose from.

Benefits: 100% blockout


Acrylic is a light weight fabric which allows sunlight to penetrate through, without enabling you to see through the fabric. Unlike canvas, acrylic does not have a green backing, the back of the fabric is as you would see on the front. Acrylic, is a popular light weight fabric for blinds and awnings, especially folding arm awnings.

Benefits: 90% blockout of the sun’s heat.

Woven Mesh

Woven mesh blinds have style and functionality that you just can’t beat. This revolutionary sunblind fabric lets light in yet keeps out the sun. Unlike conventional fabric styles woven mesh’s unique design allows you to see through from the inside and enjoy the view whilst filtering out the sun’s damaging rays and keeping the interior cool.

Benefits: 90% blockout of the sun’s heat without filtering out the light.