By incorporating Child Safe practices into the manufacturing of our products, ensures that we are taking all precautions in the safety of children and pets.

Nearly all falls happen in the family home. When parents were asked how the fall occurred, often the response was that their child was in their bedroom, had appeared to climb on a piece of furniture close to the window, and that the window was open at the time. Frequently, while there was a fly screen, in many cases it was loose fitting, broken or broke on contact.

Clearly a flyscreen is insufficient to resist impact from a child, and clearly having the windows closed at all times is not an option. Whilst there is no substitute for parental supervision, there are further steps that can be taken to ensure child safety.

Sunbury Screens security products are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel Mesh retained in an engineered aluminium frame. The screen forms a formidable barrier that easily withstands the impact requirements of Australian Standards AS5039 for Security Doors and Windows. As such, installation of these screens on residential windows will easily cope with the bumps and knocks of children’s horseplay. The screens allow natural ventilation and do not impede the view as would be the case with large unsightly metal bar grilles. Further, the construction of these screens and the high quality of the selected materials ensures they retain their good looks and their functionality for many years.

Sunbury Screens proudly takes part in and directly assisting Australian communities by raising awareness of this critical issue, and providing solutions to prevent families from having to go through the trauma of losing or seeing a loved child seriously injured.

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