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    Roller Shutters

    Roller Shutters not only provide security protection, they assist with energy efficiency and save you money.

    Our affordable quality Roller Shutters are Australian Made and available in a Motorised control system which allows you to use a rechargeable lithium battery control so you don’t have to rely on 240v mains power. Thus allowing you to operate your Roller Shutter at the touch of a button even when there is a power outage, as long as your control is charged.

    Also available is a hard wired 240V Roller Shutter.

    Roller Shutters offer insulation, privacy, noise reduction, light control as well as energy saving, locking out the elements you want protection from. There is also a product to protect you from outside radiant heat for Bush Fire Protection.

    The Roller Shutter Curtain is an Aluminium Slat injected with a polyurethane foam secured within a guided track with a round or square head box available in a selected range of Colorbond colours.