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    Eliminate the spread of germs & prevent cross-contamination

    StepNpull® is a foot operated door opener that works on any commercial solid core wood or metal door.

    Opening doors one step at a time

    StepNpull® is a foot operated door opener that works on any latch-less commercial wood or metal door.

    • Reduce the spread of germs & prevent cross-contamination as far as reasonably practicable.
    • Provide a safe workplace.
    • Provide a better customer experience.
    • Open the door when your hands are full.
    • Proven and trusted for over 13 years.
    • Be germ free - go hands-free!
    The final step in sanitation

    When you invest in making your restrooms touch free, yet your customers are still having to touch the dirty door handle, what's the point? StepNpull® foot operated door openers offer a low-cost and effective way to ensure your customers have a germ-free option when exiting your restroom. Simply step and pull, it's that easy!

    We would like to offer a simple and affordable solution for opening bathroom and external doors without touching the door handle that serves an as effective engineering control (above PPE) within the hierarchy of controls for Workplace Health and Safety.

    The product has proven itself over 13 years overseas and is forming part of many organisations' response to assure the public and employees of their commitment to health and safety with the current panic surrounding virus and germ safety.

    • Reduce paper towel costs FOREVER
    • Environmentally friendly
    The final step in touch-free hygiene        

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